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UNSW Aviation Alumni
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Bachelor Aviation - Graduate Profiles

Yelena Mirzaian

YELENA MIRZAIAN - 2011 Aviation Management Graduate
Virgin Australia - Product & Guest Services

I am currently a Product Coordinator within Product and Guest Services of Virgin Australia. My main duties include the development and implementation of new products and services for Virgin Australia and their Guests. It's an exciting time to have entered the Aviation industry, with so much growth and development happening in this region, I know the next few years of my career will be full of challenge and change.
I highly recommend the Aviation Degree at the University of New South Wales. The opportunity to be taught by individuals that have first hand experience in the industry is one of the most beneficial learning opportunities I have had. This degree has broadened my knowledge of the industry as a whole, which has been advantageous, as I am able to understand how commercial facets of the company will be influenced by my operational decisions. The aviation industry is incredibly competitive, and my studies at the University of New South Wales have fully prepared me not only for entry into the airlines, but has also given me the knowledge required to thrive and succeed in this challenging and demanding environment.

Dan Boland

DAN BOLAND - 2010 Aviation Flying Graduate
Hong Kong Airlines - A320 First Officer

Having graduated from the UNSW Aviation (flying) degree in 2010, I initially expected I would pursue a charter pilot job in the outback before applying for regional airlines. While chasing various charter jobs in WA, I was able to secure a job with an Indonesian airline based in Jakarta. I flew as a F/O on high capacity turboprops for almost 4 years to destinations in Sumatra, East Timor, Papua, Borneo, Lombok and Bali. Currently I am based in Hong Kong flying for a local airline on the Airbus A320 and fly to destinations across Asia. Having the best possible flight training is very important at the start of your career because it prepares you to handle future challenges with more confidence. The higher than average standards UNSW places on its students and instructors, leads to superior quality pilots and respected industry professionals.

Fu-Jui Hsueh

FU-JUI HSUEH - 2010 Aviation Management Graduate
Regional Marketing Manager, Australia & New Zealand
Singapore Airlines Cargo

UNSW Aviation provided me with a wealth of academic and industry-focused learning experiences. The Bachelor of Aviation (Management) program enabled me to build on my interest of airline economics and operations. During the degree, I was able to solve airline management problems through the study of extra courses such as Econometric Methods and Business Forecasting. At the end of second year, I was placed in two industry rotations at Qantas - Group Safety and Cabin Crew Resource Strategy. I found these placements particularly rewarding as I was able to apply the statistical skills gained at university in a practical way to improve the understanding of Crew Sickness and Crew Injury.

At the end of third year, I decided to continue to Honours, focusing my thesis on Airline Price & Product Strategies in the Sydney to Los Angeles market. At the same time I was also offered a job from Virgin Blue in Aircrew Planning. In the Aircrew Resource Analyst role, my tasks included the creation of productive crew pairings, resource and recruitment planning, and provision of recommendations on base strategy. In my role at Virgin as Research Analyst in Network Planning, I monitored competitor capacity changes, provided connectivity analysis, route analysis, market share analysis, market segmentation analysis, and high-level schedule analysis.

In my current role for Singapore Airlines Cargo I monitor and analyse cargo performance in South West Pacific (SWP), formulate sales & marketing strategies, facilitate coordination between sales regions, and devise and implement region-wide policies and tools across Australia & New Zealand for Singapore Airlines Cargo.

Matthew Williams

MATTHEW WILLIAMS - 2010 Aviation Management Graduate
Airservices Australia Graduate Program - ATC Group

The UNSW Aviation Management degree provided me with a great foundation upon which to launch a career in this complex and ever-changing industry. The diverse range of courses offered by the degree allowed me to obtain an in-depth understanding of airline management strategies, while also providing a broad overview of the composition of the entire industry and the ongoing issues it faces. During this time the degree (and internship opportunities available in the industry) allowed me to develop the theoretical, analytical, interpersonal and organisational skills necessary in a workplace environment.

The degree provides graduates with the opportunity to obtain employment in a number of diverse areas in the aviation industry both in Australia and abroad. Currently I am in the ATC Group stream of the 2010 Airservices Australia Graduate Program - which will see me complete four rotations in different business departments over the course of this year. My first rotation has seen me work in the Procedures Design Section - which is where the Instrument Arrival, Approach and Departure Procedures for the approximately 400 Certified and Registered Aerodromes around Australia are designed and amended. Applying ICAO standards and CASA regulations to solve complex operational-specific problems has been challenging but rewarding, and has allowed for a unique insight into how instrument procedures are designed. Over the course of this year I will also complete rotations in Operational Safety at Sydney Tower and Terminal Control Unit (TCU); Traffic and Capacity Management in the National Operations Centre (NOC); and Operational Analysis in the Safety Systems Risk and Analysis department.

The ability to network with former UNSW Aviation students in the industry is an opportunity unavailable in most other "broader scope" degrees, and is invaluable in an industry such as this. If you apply yourself and work hard, the foundation provided by this degree and the range of jobs available to successful graduates make this a highly worthwhile degree for anyone interested in a career in the aviation industry.

Ben Lai

BEN LAI - 2010 Aviation Management Graduate
Regional Express - Saab 340 First Officer

I currently fly for Regional Express as a First Officer. My main duties as a First Officer are to assist the Captain in all aspects to achieve a safe flight bringing passengers between regional ports and capital cities in Australia. I do occasionally help out with the Group Safety department with their projects and investigations. This allows further development in my career as a management pilot. Even though to become an airline pilot is my goal, I decided to enroll in the management stream to acquire more knowledge in the management aspect of the aviation industry. With no disappointment UNSW Aviation has prepared me well in understanding how this industry works. Before completion of my degree (after my 2nd year in this program), I have managed to secure a cadet position with Regional Express as the employer is very impressed in the university program. I continued my studies with UNSW Aviation finishing off my final year even after I was employed. With the School's great help, I have managed to complete a 3-years program, while flying full-time, in 4 years time. The degree not only covers the management side of the industry but as well the regulatory, safety, engineering aspects, which is essential to manage an airline in the future. From a high school graduate who only has the ability to identify the types of aircraft flying past, the lecturers at UNSW Aviation has trained me to understand, enjoy, and most importantly survive in this dynamic industry. Assignments given are very practical and enjoyable which definitely prepare undergraduates in their future positions. I will definitely recommend anyone, even if flying as a career is his/her goal, to enroll in this program. The knowledge and skills attained in this program has allowed me to pursue my long-term career goal, which is a management pilot.

Nathaniel Foster

NATHANIEL FOSTER - 2009 Aviation Management Graduate
Qantas - Senior Pricing & Inventory Analyst

I am currently working as a senior pricing and inventory analyst within the Pricing and Yield department of Qantas. Our ultimate goal is to sell the right seat, to the right passenger, at the right time, and for the right price. I am responsible for monitoring competitor activity and passenger demand to ensure that flight revenue is maximised. There are a number of reasons why I strongly recommend a degree in Aviation Management from the University of New South Wales. Firstly, the degree significantly enhances the necessary skills required to excel in the industry. A personal example is the statistical knowledge obtained from completing subjects such as Airline Management and Statistics for Life Sciences. These subjects both heightened my attention to detail as well as provided the necessary background in revenue management to allow me to practically detect and remedy market shortfalls in my current role.
Secondly, the degree provides a comprehensive range of subjects covering all facets of the aviation industry. From airport management to aviation engineering, the broad spectrum of subjects offered not only allows students to experience all components of aviation, but also allows students to recognise areas of interest for potential career paths. Finally, the university offers selected students industry experience with the Qantas Group Safety work experience program. This program, along with the above mentioned benefits provided me with the necessary launching pad to be offered full-time employment with Qantas prior to completing my final year of studies. I believe that the knowledge and experience I obtained from Aviation Management provided me with a solid and invaluable foundation with which to enter the aviation workforce.

Andy Lee

ANDY LEE - 2007 Aviation Management Graduate
SACL - Operations Research Analyst

UNSW Aviation has provided me with a variety of valuable opportunities throughout my Management degree. Apart from my regular university courses, I also gained the opportunity of work experience with Qantas Networking through the Aviation School.
From the program I learned how to employ my theoretical knowledge from the degree in a functional environment in the aviation industry. This experience later served as a great advantage for me in getting my job with Sydney Airport upon graduation.
As an Operations Research Analyst at Sydney Airport I am primarily responsible for exploring potential opportunities and innovative approaches to airport management. This includes applying modelling techniques to validate capacity forecasts and proposed developments; and providing analytical support to maximise the efficient use of existing resources. In addition to my academic foundation, I have also made many close friends from my studies. We helped each other out throughout the degree and remain in touch now that we are working in the industry.

Alexandra Troutman

ALEXANDRA TROUTMAN - 2007 Aviation Management Graduate
Bombardier Aerospace - Customer Support Account Manager

I joined Bombardier Aerospace in 2008 as a Customer Support Account Manager based in Bombardier's Regional Support Office in Sydney. Bombardier is a global transportation company, represented in more than 60 countries across five continents. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Bombardier operates two industry leading businesses; Aerospace and Rail Transportation. Bombardier Aerospace is the world's third largest civil aircraft manufacturer, providing innovative aviation products and services for the business, commercial and amphibious aircraft markets. My role involves providing support to Q-Series aircraft customers within the Oceania Region; encompassing, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Part of my job also involves supporting the entry into service of new aircraft as well as managing customer requests and requirements. UNSWs Aviation degree has provided me with a broad understanding of the industry and how its various functions work together. The information and skills that I acquired throughout the course has proven invaluable and I use these on a day to day basis. As a graduate, I look forward to developing my experience and knowledge of the industry, something that my Bachelor of Aviation (Management) degree has allowed me to do. I thoroughly enjoyed UNSWs Aviation degree and would recommend it to anyone who wants to begin a challenging yet rewarding career in the aviation industry.

Max Sukkhasantikul

MAX SUKKHASANTIKUL - 2006 Aviation Management Graduate
Frost & Sullivan - Commercial Aviation Consulting Analyst

I would personally recommend the Aviation Management degree at UNSW for anyone serious about the aviation industry. The knowledge acquired is not only theoretical, but also practical because of the nature of the course and the unique teaching method. To this day I still use the skills gained throughout the course in my role as a Commercial Aviation Consulting Analyst at consulting firm Frost & Sullivan in their Aerospace & Defence Practice in London. My role as Consulting Analyst is responsible for providing strategic advice and recommendations through thorough market analysis, business case assessments, business planning, and due diligence across the commercial aviation industry including airlines, airports, governments, financial institutions, aircraft manufacturers, MRO business suppliers, airline IT companies, equipment suppliers, cabin interiors suppliers, etc. Since graduating from UNSW in 2006, I chose to immediately pursue a postgraduate degree at Cranfield University in the UK, as my family was then based in London. Upon graduating, I joined AeroStrategy Management Consulting in London as a Research Analyst for a year before moving on to Frost & Sullivan as Consulting Analyst. To be very frank, there is a saying that 90% of what one learns at university is never used - but I would like to challenge that, as both skills and knowledge that I acquired from UNSW, have been crucial to my career and have greatly enlarged my vision and repertoire. These skills and tool sets have not only helped my clients grow as thriving businesses, but they have also transpired in my media exposure, in my commenting on the latest industry news, trends, and analysis on business TV channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg, as well as print media such as The Wall Street Journal. UNSW Aviation has also enabled me to meet like-minded people as classmates and lecturers who are extremely passionate about the industry, who have since become friends for a lifetime at both personal and professional levels. I also had opportunities during my time at UNSW to take part in internships at Qantas, Bangkok Airways, and The Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council, which further fuelled my interests in commercial aviation. I can confidently claim that the Bachelor in Aviation Management degree from UNSW definitely provided me with an advantage and provided me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to excel in my career.

Postgraduate Programs - Graduate Profiles

Alec Kemmery

ALEC KEMMERY – 2015 MSc Tech (Aviation) Graduate
CEO & Founder of SkyBuys

Since completing MSc Tech (Aviation), I have been involved in the rapidly expanding startup industry, both here in Australia and Europe. I am currently using my experience in investor relations and my UNSW MSc Tech (Aviation) studies to develop a start-up focused on commerce in the international airline and airports sectors (initially focusing on global duty free and retail). I established SkyBuys as an online-to-offline Mobile Commerce app and platform which enhances the duty-free shopping experience for passengers, airlines, concessionaires and brands. Along with enhancing the passenger experience, we are aiming to deliver increased revenues and more efficient processes for airline managers and airport concessionaires.

SkyBuys App delivers duty free to your smartphone or any device; whenever you travel, wherever you are. SkyBuys was selected by Airbus BizLab and Plug-and–Play USA accelerator programs in Sept 2017. We joined the Airbus BizLab program in October 2017 and have been based in Hamburg with Airbus ever since.

I was able to take on a two year flexible part-time study program at UNSW which allowed me to immerse myself in both private flying and corporate endeavours. Undertaking the MSc Tech (Aviation) program enabled me to be introduced to a wide range of subjects and gain an excellent insight into the greater world of aviation. I found myself taking courses incorporating the economics and management of airlines and airports, building a relevant understanding of the global industry from a variety of perspectives.

Craig Patterson

CRAIG PATTERSON – 2013 MSc Tech (Aviation) Graduate
Airspace Project Specialist - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

I am an Airspace Project Specialist working within the Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation division of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Having worked with CASA and the aviation Industry in a variety of operational roles over the years I have found that my career has benefited with post graduate qualifications.
I commenced the UNSW Masters degree while working with CASA. Studying part-time I found the MSc Tech program flexible and relevant to the industry issues currently being experienced and complemented my role with the Office of Airspace Regulation. My role requires me to exercise CASA's authority for airspace regulation within Australia. Having a good understanding of aviation law and regulations and Australia's Air Traffic Management system are essential attributes.
My role requires me to operate with the Airspace Act 2007 and conduct Aeronautical Studies and Airspace Reviews to determine the appropriateness of the classifications of volumes of Australian-administered airspace and the aeronautical facilities provided by air navigation service providers. This results in the day-to-day conduct of aeronautical studies, reviews and preparing changes to airspace design.
Without doubt The Masters program has developed essential skills I require in my current role, particularly in the areas of research, analysis and new technologies. The subjects I chose and the subsequent course-work enhanced my skills and knowledge in my field of airspace and aviation system safety, however, the course provided me a broader understanding of the aviation industry and how it’s safely managed both from a regulatory, commercially and a World's Best Practice perspective. I would not hesitate in recommending the Masters Course to anyone looking at wanting to further their career in Aviation.

Alleysha de Courcey-Cann

ALLEYSHA de COURCEY-CANN - 2012 MSc Tech (Aviation) Graduate
Safety Analyst - Cobham Aviation Services

I work as a Safety Analyst in the Safety, Risk & Environment Department for Cobham Aviation Services, based in Adelaide, South Australia. My role involves compiling, reviewing, analysing and reporting on safety, risk, environment and security data. This includes data received from incident and hazard reports, audits, investigations and other sources in order to assist our business in identify emerging trends. The aim of analysing this data is to ensure we as an organisation put preventative measures in place to prevent injuries, incident or accidents occurring. I am also involved in risk and change management activities across the Cobham Group. My job entails conducting risk management training, risk assessments for change in the Business Units as well as facilitating risk assessments for future tender bids and operational expansions.
The Master of Science and Technology helped me find my passion for flight safety through the variety of subjects offered. After undertaking courses in Safety Risk Management, Aviation Safety & Accident Prevention, Aircraft Accident Investigation Techniques and Aviation System Safety, I learnt that this is the direction I wanted to focus my career. The Masters degree helped build upon my operational experience to find the specific area of the aviation industry which I wanted to work in. I love working within the safety department because I can see the positive changes we are having on the industry; every day is different and there are always new challenges to face. The Masters program gives you the background knowledge, experience and tools to be able to become proficient in your role and gives you a greater appreciation of the importance of ensuring you get safety right in your organisation.

Indunil Weerasinghe

INDUNIL M WEERASINGHE - 2012 MSc Tech (Aviation) Graduate
Manager Aircraft Phasing - Gulf Air (Bahrain)

I have always held a strong belief that true professionalism requires a consolidation of industry experience with academic excellence. This was my primary motivation for enrolling with the School of Aviation at UNSW. I was delighted to find that the academic staff fitted this profile, enabling me to gain from an immense wealth of knowledge and experience.
In my current role as Manager Aircraft Phasing, I undertake the program management of aircraft induction and retirement. Although grounded in the technical aspects of configuration, airworthiness and maintenance, this role is in essence the implementation phase of the airline’s fleet plan. It is therefore fundamental to the long-term success of the airline's strategy. The course enabled me to broaden my understanding beyond the technical aspects and has given me a greater appreciation of how my work is an integral part of the airline's performance.
I found the program structure to be one of its success factors. I could tailor virtually the entire program to target the specific knowledge areas that I was interested in, varying from safety related courses to commercial and operational management. I found that the courses also honed my writing skills, which has given me greater confidence when drafting business cases and reports to the airline's senior management.
I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any aviation professional looking to develop their knowledge of the industry.

Evan Edwards

EVAN EDWARDS - 2012 MSc Tech (Aviation) Graduate
Flight Data Analyst

My name is Evan Edwards. I have always been drawn to aviation from a very early age. During my time in the Australian Defence Force, I gained experience as aircrew for eight years. Looking for an opportunity to broaden my horizons, branch out and study toward a formal tertiary qualification in my interest in aviation, I was recommended the postgraduate Aviation program by a friend of mine. I finished the Masters in Science and Technology last year, and it had an immediate effect in helping me pursue a career in Aviation Safety Systems at my current employer (a large airline).
I currently work in that role (flight data analyst) and every day I use elements from subjects that I studied at UNSW. It has allowed me to look at the broader context of my role and how it fits into a Safety Management System, and regulatory compliance. Indeed, all subjects that I took as part of the course contributed to giving me a greater understanding of aviation management, and in some cases I was surprised by how much I enjoyed studying the subjects and completing the assessments.
The Masters in Science and Technology gave me a formal qualification which I believe contributed to my success in getting my current job. But besides this, on a fundamental level, it allowed me to transition from an aviation career in the military to the airline environment.

Captain Anthony Waters

CAPTAIN ANTHONY WATERS - 2010 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
Jetstar Asia Airways - Manager of Training

I started the Masters degree following the collapse of Ansett. After spending nearly six years in the airline industry and suddenly finding myself at the bottom of the seniority list at another airline it was time to do something to differentiate.
I would study the units whilst on trips overseas for work and found that it gave me hope and motivation that the increase skills would be rewarded. The units were practical and relevant to my job as an airline pilot. Safety related units were the most appealing and I found the course facilitators knowledgeable and credible with many years of industry experience.
Whilst doing the degree I took the opportunity to assist with the start-up of Jetstar Asia in Singapore. It was an instant promotion, going from a 747 Second Officer to a First Officer on the A320. The degree provided an opportunity to interview those in Management at Jetstar. Following promotion to Captain I interviewed the Head of Safety for an assignment I was doing as part of the degree. I showed him the finished assignment in Safety Management and soon after was offered the job of Quality Manager of Flight Operations. This was directly a result of doing the degree. After two years in that role I was offered the position of Manager of Training for the airline. By this time the degree was finished and it played a large part in the selection for the job. There is no doubt that the Master of Science and Technology degree through UNSW was a major springboard in my career. More than that are the friends and contacts that have been formed with others passionate about aviation and safety. I recommend the degree to anyone who wishes to differentiate themselves in their aviation career.

Chris Sellers

CHRIS SELLERS - 2009 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
Qantas - B747-400 Second Officer

The degree has given me a deeper insight into the safety management systems and safety culture of the company.
It has also greatly improved my knowledge of human performance and application of TEM/CRM skills.
The study was hard at times but always interesting, the sense of achievement when completing each subject and finally graduating makes it all worth while.
I think having a MScTech Aviation degree makes you a more attractive candidate for airlines, and once employed improves your career prospects in the future.

Captain Brett Dowsing

CAPTAIN BRETT DOWSING - 2008 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
Royal Australian Navy - Commanding Officer HMAS STIRLING and Senior Naval Officer WA

I am currently in my 42nd year of service in the Royal Australian Navy having had a career biased to aviation and shipboard operations - I have flown a multitude of aircraft types predominately helicopters, been in command of our Seahawk squadron (816 Sqn) and maintain civilian CPL (A/H) qualifications. I undertook the UNSW Aviation Management program with a view to enhancing my professional knowledge of the civil aviation industry and consequently my overall specialist knowledge. This pursuit was directed at improving my performance through the addition to my credentials offered by this program. Due to my career requirements, the course components were undertaken by distance learning whilst posted to the USA, and several states in Australia. These aspirations were fully met and expectations largely exceeded. The course material was contemporary and comprehensive, and the guidance of the lecturers constructive and encouraging. At all times I felt completely comfortable while being appropriately challenged by the course content. At the time I was completing a significant part of the program, I was a member of a Military Board of Inquiry into the crash of a Navy helicopter and its associated fatalities. The course content was completely relevant to my participation in this Inquiry and, indeed, contributed directly to my enhanced understanding of the complexities involved as causal factors, and in my ability as an Inquiry officer. As a very mature student on the UNSW Aviation Management program I unequivocally endorse this course as a venue to enhancing one's professionalism both directly for those engaged in aviation but also for those involved in multi-modal operations and complex management environments. I am using the knowledge-based skills gained through this program on a daily basis and envisage this continuing for the remainder of my career and beyond.

Jonathon Blowes

JONATHON BLOWES - 2008 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
QantasLink - Engineering Planning Controller

The UNSW Aviation Master degree significantly broadened my knowledge of the industry as a whole. Coupled with my Technical background this was the perfect degree for anyone in the Aviation industry or anyone wanting to start a career in Aviation. All facets of an Airline are interrelated with success dependent upon all areas working closely together. Whilst from an Engineering background, this degree has equipped me with the knowledge and skill to appreciate other operational and business areas within the airline. The subject choice was varied and I particularly enjoyed studying Aviation Law and Regulations. There are no two days the same in an airline and my role in QantasLink is managing a small team, responsible for allocating aircraft onto all scheduled flights and planning all line and heavy maintenance for 41 aircraft. This role involves negotiating positive outcomes for the airline on a daily basis in consultation with departments such as; Operations, Network Scheduling, Crewing, Commercial, Marketing, Maintenance and Finance. All lecturers were all highly experienced and at the cutting edge of the industry, I was always impressed with the course content and knowledge they passed onto their students. Being able to study by correspondence allowed me to complete the degree with three small children under the age of three whilst working full time. Of particular satisfaction was seeing the result of my thesis adopted within the airline. As UNSW is held in high regard academically, I can certainly recommend the Master Degree to anyone wanting to further their career or broaden their opportunities within the Aviation industry.

Martin Leprohon

MARTIN LEPROHON - 2006 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
Airbiz Aviation Strategies - Airport Planner

I chose the UNSW Masters Degree in Aviation because I could undertake the program from overseas, tailor the program to my interests and doing it all without having to stop working.
I initially joined Airbiz Aviation Strategies in Melbourne in 2005 and have since performed a range of studies around the world in airport planning, noise modeling, passenger flow simulation, terminal planning and business analysis.

I now work in Montreal as part of the team that launched Airbiz's operations in Canada in 2008. Working as a consultant allows me to constantly look for solutions at a range of airports that all have their unique challenges.

Matthew Brown

MATTHEW BROWN - 2005 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
Qantas Engineering - Operational Manager

The structure of the course via correspondence was of great benefit to me and helped me to balance my work and study programs. I initially was concerned with the lack of face-to-face interaction and how effective this type of course would be but I was well supported by the faculty and the amount of interaction that I wanted was up to me to control. As an operational manager within Qantas Engineering I am Responsible for over 200 people who support various overhaul and repairs of components from our fleet, as well as ensuring that not only safety, quality and cost controls are in place but also to look at strategic developments and opportunities of the business. This degree has helped me gain a greater understanding of the bigger picture and has provided me with tools, experiences and networks to do my job.

DR. ANDREAS MATEOU MSc LLB - 2004 MScTech (Aviation) Graduate
University of Nicosia - Air Law Lecturer

The knowledge and insight that I have gained from the MScTech Aviation degree has helped to deepen my knowledge and gain valuable experience in research methodology and research techniques during my Doctoral studies. The Masters degree assisted me during my 3 years as the Head of Flight Safety - Emergency Response and Flight Data Monitoring of Cyprus Airways. I was able to carry out effective accident and incident investigations, write reports and provide recommendations that enhanced not only the safety of Cyprus Airways but other organisations such as manufacturers, airport management and ground handling providers.
Following my Law Degree from the University of London, the Master in Aviation Management provided me with the ability to establish a very successful safety and legal aviation consultancy and empowered me with the necessary skills and confidence to embark on an academic career by teaching the Air Law course at the University of Nicosia and part-time at Cranfield University in the UK.