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Learning Resources

The University of New South Wales provides a range of resources to help students develop their skills and to realise their full potential. The Learning Centre, located at the entrance to the Library provides guidance material, which is also available on-line.

In particular, students may wish to access the following:

Note-Taking Skills
The Basics of Essay Writing
Advanced Essay Writing
Answering Assignment Questions
Report Writing FAQs
American Psychological Association (APA) Style Referencing

Advanced Standing Policy

Students admitted to Programs administered by the School of Aviation may be granted credit for previous studies. This is referred to as "Advanced Standing"; if granted these courses are "transferred" into your UNSW Academic Record, reducing the number of courses you are required to complete for your degree. Advanced Standing is generally only granted on the basis of the completion of courses at accredited tertiary education providers.

All applications for Advanced Standing are subject to the following conditions:

Advanced Standing (being awarded credit for courses passed in previous programs either at UNSW or another university) is subject to approval of Head of School, and is applied to academic courses where the student has completed a course equivalent in scope and depth to an Aviation course in a previous program at UNSW or elsewhere which has not been previously awarded towards another degree.

For the Bachelor of Aviation (Flying and Management degrees), this guideline is waived for the generic advanced standing which is arranged through institutional negotiation and agreement. Examples include Temasek, Singapore, Republic and Ngee-Ann Singaporean Polytechnic College graduates.

For the Master of Science and Technology (Aviation) program, this guideline is augmented by the general requirement that courses should serve as complementary support to the courses offered within the MSciTech (Aviation).

Where students transfer from another tertiary institution, the Advanced Standing they are granted will not be superior to that which they attained at the previous institution. As an example a first year course at another institution will not be counted as Advanced Standing for a Stage II course at UNSW.

Only courses completed within 10 years from the commencement of the UNSW degree will be eligible for Advanced Standing, with the exception of Advanced Standing for General Education or elective courses in a Program.

All applications must have detailed supporting documents:

  • Original/certified academic transcripts
  • Description of course syllabus
  • Evidence of relevant weighting of course loading to full time (e.g. 1/8 full time)

Provide the above documents to the Aviation General Office in Room 205, Old Main Building, Kensington Campus or post them to:
School of Aviation
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052