The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation (ISTAT) is pleased to be accepting applications for the 2006 Scholarship Program. The ISTAT Foundation forests interest in, creates opportunities for and provides assistance through the global aviation aviation community by offering scholarships, grants, internships and humanitarian aid worldwide

The ISTAT Foundation is actively engaged in helping young people develop potential careers in aviation by offering scholarships of US$2,000 to US$10,000 directly to college-level and graduate students who are academically qulaified and in need of financial support to complete their studies. The program is administered by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation Board of Trustees in conjunction with international colleges and university who recommend qualified students.

Students are invited to submit an application for consideration. The scholarship application form and criteria information are available from the UNSW Aviation office. The scholarship is for graduate and undergraduate students who are financially in need, have completed at least two years of college and have an aviation related major.

Applications must be received at the ISTAT Foundation office by 1 November 2006 to be considered for the award. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. The ISTAT Foundation recommends that applications be sent via registered or certified mail.

All scholarship recipients will be notified by 8 December 2006. If you have any questions, you are encourgaed to contact ISTAT Foundation headquarters at +1 312 321 5169 or