The TIACA Masters Scholarship award of $5,000 will be awarded to a student intending to enroll or already enrolled in a Masters Degree Program. While the scholarship recipient may be enrolled in various graduate programs (e.g., MBA, Engineering and Law), his/her thesis must be related to air commerce. The scholarship program is opened to university students worldwide.

The selection of the awardee will be made by TIACA’s Education Committee in a competition among candidates submitting their applications.

The student’s proposed thesis must be a working paper which will be the primary source of information used to select the candidate and must be presented in English with a focus on air commerce.

The thesis will be evaluated with respect to the topics relevancy, timeliness and usability. Academic and professional recommendations will also be considered. The monetary award is $5,000 for the academic year to be used for research expenses, tuition, books and living expenses.

All TIACA Masters Scholarship applications must be submitted before November 15, 2006 and the winner will be announced by December 15, 2006.

To be eligible, the student must complete the application for the Masters Scholarship which is located on the TIACA website. Once the application is submitted to TIACA, a confirmation letter will be mailed/faxed with a form that must be completed by the student’s academic advisor agreeing to observe and evaluate the progress of the thesis. This form is to be returned by the student with a (not more than 5 page) thesis summary and their resume.

TIACA will provide a copy of the winning thesis paper to its Trustee members and it will be placed on the TIACA website for other members to view.

The student and school maintain the right to publish the paper as they wish once it has been completed and submitted to TIACA. Press releases are sent out to announce the winner and they are announced at the TIACA Executive Conference and Annual General Meeting and the International Air Cargo Forum and Exposition.

Winners of the TIACA Masters Scholarship retain all publication rights to their thesis.

To apply for the scholarship click here.

Dora Kay
Education Chairman