Summer semester for postgraduate coursework distance education studies commences on the 2nd January 2008. Students are encouraged to enrol into summer semester subjects a soon as possible via their myUNSW accounts.

The semester will run for a total of 8 weeks. This is made up of 6 weeks of the regular study period, 1 week for exam study, followed by the exam week. Exam week is from 18 February - 22 February.

Subjects offered during summer semester are all worth 3 units of credit (uoc) each. The subjects offered are:

A number of these 3uoc subjects have restrictions placed on them, students are asked to visit the subject web-page for further details.

Course materials for these subjects will be available on WebCT Vista on the 24th of December 2007.

If students have any questions they are encouraged to contact the UNSW Aviation postgraduate administrator.