The Department of Aviation would like to congratulate Capt/Dr Ian Getley for his recent completion of PhD at UNSW Aviation. His award was conferred in May 2008.

Ian commenced his postgraduate studies at UNSW Aviation in 1997 and completed his MScTech (Aviation) in 2001. In 2002, he commenced his PhD studying Cosmic and Solar Radiation Monitoring of Australian Commercial Flight Crew at High Southern Latitudes as Measured and Compared to Predictive Computer Modelling.

Ian's work is recognised by both the International Scientific Community where he has regularly made presentations and by his fellow Pilots at the International Federation of Airline Pilots where his scientific knowledge has aided the Human Perfomance Committee in radiation related matters.

In recognition of his continuing research UNSW has invited Ian to become a Visiting Fellow and we look forward to more interesting research in the coming years.

This article is published by courtesy of Qantas Flight Ops, June, Volume 8, No.3. Please click here for the full article.