The Department of Aviation would like to congratulate Dr Tay Koo for the success of his PhD studies at UNSW Aviation.

Tay's research involves a microeconomic approach to assess the impact of Australian aviation on the regional dispersal behaviour of visitors. Tay has publications in refereed journals and conferences on the topic of aviation and dispersal.

His award will be conferred in December 2009.

Tay has six years of teaching experience in the Australian School of Business at UNSW.
Since 2005, Tay has been tutor-in-charge for the course, Economics of Tourism, in which he gained teaching and lecturing experiences in various topics covering the economics of aviation and tourism. Tay was also a tutor in microeconomic and macroeconomic courses while completing his B.Comm (Economics Honours) and B.Sc
(Geography) at UNSW.

Tay is currently a researcher at UNSW Aviation focusing his postdoctoral research project, "Measuring and explaining dispersal", funded by the STCRC.
He also involves in research activities with Tourism and Aviation Economics Research and Strategy division of Tourism Australia

His long-term research aim is to explore and promote multidisciplinary perspectives in aviation and tourism research, including the theories and research methods in transport-tourism economics and geography.