Professor Jason Middleton, Head of the University of New South Wales School of Aviation (UNSW Aviation) is pleased to announce that new training aeroplanes have just been ordered for its Flying Training Unit, which is based at Bankstown Airport, Sydney. The order includes six single-engined Diamond DA40 CS aeroplanes for basic training and one twin-engined DA42 for advanced training.
With Garmin 1000 glass cockpit displays, students will be immediately flying with state of the art avionics displays, similar to the complex systems used on today’s new generation airliners. Constructed with sleek aerodynamically efficient styling using composite materials, the Diamond aeroplanes will also provide substantial fuel efficiency.
Mr Brian Horton, Director of Flight Operations at UNSW Aviation says “These aeroplanes will provide our students with one of the world’s best training environments, consistent with our objective of being the leading aviation
university in the Australasian region”. The purchase agreements were signed with Hawker Pacific last week, and Aircraft Sales Manager John Oppenheim points out that the sale is the largest Diamond order yet on the Australian mainland. The aircraft will be delivered in mid 2010.

Images of the aircraft can be viewed at the Diamond Aircraft website.

The operation of the Garmin 1000 flight display can be seen at the Garmin website

Diamond DA42
Diamond DA40 CS