Dr Brett Molesworth, our aviation safety and human factors lecturer at the University of New South Wales is looking for pilots within the Sydney region to assist with research. At present, he is recruiting pilots for a study titled 'Risk Management in General Aviation' — referring to the non-commercial sector of aviation and its pilots; e.g. those who fly for fun. The aim of this study is two-fold; examine various risk management strategies in aviation, as well as the effectiveness of various training methods in improving pilot risk management behaviour.

Mr Daniel Kwon, an Honours student within the department is assisting Dr Molesworth where pilots are asked to complete two one-hour sessions on the department's flight simulator. The flight simulator is a computer-based simulator that has a 7.5 metre curved screen, providing pilots 180 degrees of scenery.

For assisting with the research, pilots are provided a $40 bookshop gift voucher at the end of the second session, which is redeemable at 90% of bookshops across Australia. If you can spare 2 hours, one hour each week for 2 weeks, have at least 20 hours of powered flight experience and are prepared to travel to UNSW Kensington, please contact Mr Daniel Kwon - z3158068@zmail.unsw.edu.au