Dr. Wu (UNSW Aviation) together with Dr. Froyland and Mr. Maher (both with UNSW Mathematics) have just won a prestigious aviation research paper competition, the Anna Valicek Award of AGIFORS. AGIFORS is an aviation industry organisation with active members in various fields of aviation research from airlines around the world including: schedule optimisation, crew planning, revenue management and strategic planning. A history of the Anna Valicek Award of AGIFORS can be found here.

The winning paper of Maher et al this year is on the topic of 'The Recoverable Robust Tail Assignment Problem', in which they used innovative algorithms to account for schedule disruption costs and improved airline schedule robustness in operations without any further investments by an airline when constructing a new schedule. The key contribution of this paper to the industry is that Maher et al provided an innovative way to construct an airline schedule that can minimise the impact on a schedule from unexpected disruptions in daily airline operations, and hence improve airline schedule robustness and passenger satisfaction.

This paper is also under peer review by the prestigious Transportation Science journal, and is at the editing stage for acceptance. The full paper is expected to be accepted later this year and will be published in 2013. The award winning paper can be downloaded from Anna Valicek Award web page.

UNSW Aviation congratulates Dr. Wu and his colleagues on such an achievement in bridging aviation research and industry practices.