A scholarship is now available for a PhD candidate on the topic of Airline Fuel Policy Modelling and Optimisation. This project is collaboration between the School of Aviation, UNSW and Qantas. The scope of the PhD project surrounds the modelling of airline fuel policy, risk modelling of flight operations, and optimisation of fuelling uplifting policy that is aimed at maintaining fuel loads and the costs associated with carrying and burning fuel.

Specific works of this project may include:

  • Data modelling: vast amount of data is available for modelling fuel usage during phases of aircraft operations.
  • Fuel policy review: reviewing existing in-house fuel policy, CASA fuel regulations and ICAO fuel policy. Review may also extend to other airlines and regulations from other countries while the project progresses.
  • Fuel and operations risk modelling: assess the risk of fuel burning along the operating phases of an aircraft.
  • Fuel policy optimisation: revise exiting and create new fuel policy that minimises the cost of carrying extra fuel, while maintaining operational safety standards.

Desired skills and background of applicants are:

  • First-class honours degree or Masters degree from Engineering, Mathematics, Business and Aviation with strong track records in academic performance and creative thinking. Candidates with publication records are welcome.
  • The following skills may be needed but not entirely compulsory: programming (C/C++, Java, Matlab … etc), experience with large data processing and data analytics (good statistics knowledge), statistical modelling, and risk modelling.

Scholarship is worth AUS$26,500 per annum and is tax-free. Interested applicants should send a CV and past/current academic transcripts to Dr. Wu (C.L.Wu(at)unsw.edu.au). Local students can apply directly with Dr. Wu. International applicants must apply early for a topup tuition scholarship from UNSW. Tuition scholarship deadline is 15 August 2015 for February 2016 enrolment.

Dr. Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu,
UNSW Aviation.