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The School of Aviation at UNSW is both a place of learning and one of active research. At any one time there are a range of research projects being undertaken at all levels from undergraduate to postdoctoral. In keeping with UNSW's status as one of the leading research institutions, the School of Aviation is building an impressive reputation in industry-oriented research.

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The impact of passenger shopping behaviour and airport terminal layout and the commercial revenues of an airport
Yimeng Chen
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu

Road safety
Gray Knight
Supervisor: A/Prof Teresa Senserrick

Developing a behavioural basis for the Power law, and implications for forecasting methodologies for predictive analytics in travel and mobility
Pong Lung (Dragon) Lau
Supervisor: Dr Tay Koo

The relative contributions of endogenous and exogenous factors on operator fatigue
Rainer Zeller
Supervisor: Dr Rena Friswell

Airline fuel policy modelling and optimisation
Agnes Tang
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu

The safety impact of noncompliance to SOPs on Indonesian aviation safety
Agus Pramono
Supervisor: Prof. Jason Middleton

Assessing the biofidelity of current anthropometric test devices in predicting head, thoraic and spinal injuries in rollover accidents.
Tana Tan
Supervisor: Prof. Raphael Grzebieta

Airline strategy and climate change: A study of organisational response to climate change issues.
Roger Millar
Supervisor: Dr Ian Douglas

Assessing the suitability of quad bikes for the farming environment.
David Hicks
Supervisor: Prof. Raphael Grzebieta

Safety impact of speed-based interface on driving
Nurul Ibrahim
Supervisor: Dr Carlo Caponecchia

Improving young drivers' speed management behaviour
Oleksandra Krasnova
Supervisor: Dr Brett Molesworth

Cross-cultural perspectives of air service management for air passengers with reduced mobility
Tae Hyun (Danny) Kim
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu

Demand analysis and forecasting for air transport sector based on airport network model
Pedram Keshavarzian
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu

Influence of culture on pilot training
Mat Petrenko
Supervisor: Prof. Ann Williamson

Unconstrained demand modelling with neural network and choice modelling
Tomasz Drabas
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu


Integration of airline pricing and inventory control function: optimal pricing structures by fare class realignment
Suranga Perera
Supervisor: Dr David Tan

Writng better task cards to improve safety in commercial aviation maintenance
Indunil Weerasinghe
Supervisor: Dr Brett Molesworth

The feasibility of lighter than air airships (LTAA) for freight operations within Australia.
Craig Neal
Supervisor: Dr Tay Koo

Occupant protection in rollover crashes.
Jeffrey Simmons
Supervisor: Prof. Raphael Grzebieta

Using flight data monitoring in the development of performance metrics to enhance pilot training
Murray Terwey
Supervisor: Dr Carlo Caponecchia

Trust, no blame system and self disclosure
Kevin McMurtrie
Supervisor: Dr Brett Molesworth

Loss of aircraft control and aircraft handling
David Wilson
Supervisor: Dr Brett Molesworth

Transportation planning, nexus between demographics and transportation infrastructure development and intermodal transport.
Serge Bukovac
Supervisor: Dr Ian Douglas


Pilot Risk Management in General Aviation
Ebrahim Yassim
Supervisor: Dr Brett Molesworth

Effects of Enterprise Bargaining and Agreement Clauses on Operating Cost of Airline Ground Crew Scheduling
Shao Xuan Lim
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu

The Sustainability Values of Young Travellers and their Long Haul Air Travel Choices
Alan Lee
Supervisor: Dr Tay Koo

Analysing Delay Propagation in an Airline Network Using Delay Propagation Tree Model with Bayesian Network
Kristie Yuen Tung Law
Supervisor: A/Prof Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu


The School of Aviation is proud to offer a number of research degrees:
- The Master of Philosophy
- The Master of Science by Research
- The Doctor of Philosophy

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