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Students wishing to embark upon a Master of Philosophy, Master of Science by Research or Doctor of Philosophy degree should choose an area of study and conduct some preliminary research into the viability of their proposal. At this point, the student should then approach the School, which will review the proposal and nominate a supervisor.

Research should be conducted at the UNSW campus in Kensington or at our Flying Operations Unit at Bankstown Airport.

Research students are provided with office space and access to computer and library facilities throughout their enrolment.


For local students, no academic fees are payable as a consequence of Australian federal government support called the Research Training Scheme. However students under the Research Training Scheme are liable for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). For international students, fees are payable as indicated HERE. Such fees are adjusted each year, typically by a few percent. Rental costs in Sydney are typically $15,000-$20,000 per year for a room in a shared house, and more than double that for a self contained apartment.

UNSW assists postgraduate researchers by providing a wide range of prestigious scholarships for domestic and international students. Please click HERE for more information about financial and resource support.

How to Apply

Step 1: The Minimum Eligibility
Please click HERE to find out the minimum eligibility requirements for research degrees offered at UNSW.

Step 2: Finding a Supervisor
Applicants who are interested in one of the topics/projects available HERE, please email your CV and academic transcripts to the supervisor as listed, and also cc the School's:
- Postgraduate Research Administrator, Mr. Mike Williams (
- Head of School, Prof. Gabriel Lodewijks (

Applicants who have their own research topics/projects will need to find a potential supervisor within the School. The supervisors listed above show their areas of expertise. Please email the potential supervisor your research proposal, CV and academic transcripts.

Step 3: The Application
Once the research project is agreed by both the applicant and the supervisor, the supervisor will advise the applicant to submit a formal admission application. All research degree applicants must apply online. Please click HERE to access the application link.